Web photoWell this is my story ūüôā

My interest in complementary therapies began in 1988.

I was studying Accountancy and my¬†left brain was overtaxed (pardon the pun..) –¬†in fact it was working overtime so much, that the right brain started crying out for some attention.¬†I was an avid reader of¬†that wonderful magazine ‘ Here’s Health’ at the time, and was¬†drawn to articles on bodywork. As a way of satisfying the need for something more creative and practical to balance all that logic I found myself drawn towards a very¬†new therapy at the time –¬† Reflexology.

I started a small Reflexology¬†practice and over the years, between¬†becoming a Mum and running the ‘day job’, it gradually expanded. My passion for this work resulted in me taking further courses and seeking ways to assist clients with the emotional and¬†subconscious belief related¬†aspects of their healing also. It had become clear to me in my practice that the body is a guide and mentor and only manifests discomfort¬†in our physical form to bring our attention to dis-ease in our lives. In this way we can reset, rebalance and¬†bounce¬†back into the incredible flow of our individual lives which is there for us every day if we are ready to see and act upon it.

In 2011 my¬†world was turned upside down when¬†a close relative died very suddenly. I went on a journey of self rediscovery.¬†In the days and months which followed I found my intuition becoming a much larger part of my way of life. I found myself drawn towards energy work and healing techniques in the form of ThetaHealing(R) and Reiki. This later led me on to¬†learn one to one conversation coaching with The Wide Awakening and the amazingly inspirational Jennifer Hough.¬†In recent years I’ve also discovered how present and loving are the angels and how they can be of untold assistance to us when we ask. We truly are quite miraculous beings – so much more than our physical forms. And so much a part of¬†Nature and the Universe¬†which always has our best interests at heart.

Nearly 30 years on from the start of my journey into healing I can only say that it fills my heart with wonder and joy to see clients starting to paint with beautiful colour on their life canvases and being there to assist as each session intuits.

I walk miles in nature, love to dance, travel and have new experiences. I also receive regular reflexology and head massage myself being a firm advocate of the benefits. And I am never happier than when being of love and assistance to those ready to receive it.

I believe that every day is a special one and enjoy living each moment Рthat way the past and future take care of themselves and are filled with good memories.