What is Life Healing?

Life Healing conversations aim to identify and understand the predominant issues in your life which are creating congestion, holding you back or contributing to physical discomfort. Then, through a variety of methodologies, assistance is given to enable these to be transmuted or released or to be seen in an empowering way. The methodologies used comprise:

  • Awakening One to One conversations
  • Angel Card Therapy
  • Reiki

How can it help?

Life healing helps you to see your life experiences differently, to rapidly transmute and release those which are holding you back so that you can find inner fulfilment, inspiration, peace, flow and miracles once again available to you – as they are to each of us as a birth right.

Angel Card Therapy is a wonderful tool for assisting us with the ‘questions of the heart’ – those issues which are most pressing for us to seek guidance on. Angels are present all around us at all times and as you will see from the cards, they are always ready and willing to lovingly guide us with understanding, practical help and direction. We only have to ask.

Life healing may help resolve limiting beliefs, feelings and fears in any area of your life. For example:

* health   * emotions     * career      * wealth    * family    * relationships   * trauma

Physical ailments may also be the starting point of a session.

The processes and benefits of Life Healing are not specific to any age, sex, race, colour, creed or religion. Anyone who accepts the concept of universal loving energy flowing through all that is (as proven by science at molecular level and as demonstrated by Nature) and who is open to the idea of receiving healing may benefit.

What happens?

Initially the client talks with the practitioner about key issues that they would like to resolve in their life. There is a discovery conversation led by gentle questioning. Further discussion may lead to the client identifying experiences and associated thoughts, feelings and emotions which have shaped their current beliefs. Once these have been shared, the practitioner can work on helping you to gain new perspectives on life and your place within it. As Wayne Dyer said: ‘Change the way you see things, and the things you see change’.

During Life Healing we sit in an informal, comfortable arm chair environment. If any kind of hands on energy healing is required, this will either take place in situ, or by easy transfer to a reclining or upright chair.

The session lasts up to 1 hour. Sessions can be in person or on Skype – either is equally effective. It is likely that a course of sessions will be most beneficial in order to provide ongoing support and assistance at a time of change in the client’s life journey.