Reflexology Testimonials (Angel Card testimonials further below)

‘I would just like to thank you so much for all your help using reflexology and cannot express how much it has benefited me.
For two years every single night my left leg all of a sudden started to violently twitch as I was falling asleep causing not just sleeping problems for myself but also my wife.
I went to my doctors who sent me numerous different specialists and hospitals and who prescribed me at least 4 different muscle relaxant drugs. The only one that even slightly worked was a Parkinson’s disease drug and even though I had been tested for Parkinson’s and given the all clear as the Dr’s had tried and ran out of ideas they simply left me on it. After a year and a half my friend recommended yourself and after only 2/3 hour sessions my twitch has now completely gone (2 years at Dr’s and nothing but 2/3 visits with yourself and it’s gone).
Id just like to say again how happy you have made me as being a young man in my early 30’s the last thing I needed was either a lifelong twitch or even worse to be on Parkinson’s disease drugs my whole life and not have the disease so thank you very much.’         GR

‘I still play rugby on a regular basis, well past the time that I should have probably stopped and as such, find that the niggly little injuries, aches and pains I now get take a lot longer to disappear. I started going to Dinah for regular Reflexology sessions and without revealing the total extent of ailments, it doesn’t take long for Dinah to locate them…through my feet! I am a true Reflexology convert and really believe that the practice definitely makes a difference to my wellbeing. Add to this Dinah’s vast experience, knowledge and skill combined with her calm and very pleasant nature, it is no wonder that I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and well. I don’t hesitate to recommend Dinah to all my friends and family which is a testament to the service she provides.’                                                                                                                DB

‘I have seen Dinah for Reflexology as I was having very heavy periods, night sweats and mood swings. I have seen such an improvement with the periods – every month it gets less which for me has been life changing. The night sweats were very bad and happening around when I was due on, they have now stopped. My moods can still be up and down but nothing like they were before I started seeing Dinah. Things have improved very much for me. The service you offer is fantastic – thankyou. ‘                                       GM

‘Until I met Dinah I had never had any Reflexology. A friend recommended her to me as I was going through the menopause.  I had to try and deal with the myriad of menopause associated symptoms without HRT, as a pre-existing condition means I can’t take it.  On meeting Dinah I found her to be really welcoming, relaxed and extremely knowledgeable.  My first treatment was a great opportunity for Dinah to explain what Reflexology is all about whilst she listened to all I had to say about the health problems I was experiencing.  What was really refreshing was that Dinah saw me as a whole person and talked through any link between my problems.  Up until then I just felt like I was falling apart as I seemed to have some many things ‘wrong’ with me at any one time.  I find Dinah’s treatments very relaxing and energising at the same time.  Calm is probably the best way to describe how I feel afterwards, however what’s really great is that since having treatments from Dinah my menopause symptoms have almost disappeared.’                                 JT

‘Like many people, I suspect, I was a little sceptical about alternative and complementary therapies.  However, as it was offered as part of an incentive at work, I thought I would give it a try!  Dinah is a really lovely person; she immediately put me at ease and the conversation flow was natural and easy (she also has a wicked sense of humour!).  I had a number of problems which I felt could benefit from her ministrations and so we set to work on headaches, using Indian Head Massage and period problems using Reflexology. For me, things did improve, but it was not an instant process, so there is no point in hoping that there will be a miracle cure for whatever is wrong.  However, the day I had a ‘crisis’ really did prove to me that this works.  I had had a really bad headache for nearly a week, couldn’t sleep and was so tense I thought I might explode!  I phoned Dinah and she fitted me in within an hour.  I had a very intensive session and when I left I felt really rather odd – light-headed and shivery.  I went to bed with a hot water bottle and slept for nearly five hours – when I woke up I was completely ‘fixed’!                                   SH

‘My work with Dinah consisted of thorough Reflexology work and an incredible head, neck and scalp massage. I’ve been to see many massage therapists, Reflexologists and the like, and have never experienced such instant relief and real dedication as I did when Dinah worked on me. It was effortless of course, and felt so brilliant. Highly recommended.‘                                                                                              JS

Dinah’s sessions treat me with a variety of health issues/concerns and are unbelievably relaxing and therapeutic. It amazes me that Dinah can detect if I am suffering from a headache, sore throat or have not drunk enough water, just from massaging my feet. She is always willing to share information, listen or even lend you a book. The treatments leave me feeling on top of the world, and I have a fantastic night’s sleep. Reflexology has helped me through some difficult times, I believe Dinah tailors your session to how you are feeling, this makes you feel individual and special. My treatments have helped tremendously with reccurring pain in my knee/back.

Angel Card Reading testimonials

‘Over the last couple of years, I have asked Dinah to do an Angel Card Reading for me a few times. I find the process incredibly useful when making big decisions in my life where that ‘gut feeling’ just isn’t clear at that time. Dinah is incredibly insightful and seems to know exactly which pack of beautiful cards to use on each occasion. She is able to talk thoroughly about each card and the lovely discussion which is included as part of each reading is so useful as a process of self discovery and moving forward. I have always found the cards to be spot on and enjoy looking back at the reading as time moves forward and things come to fruition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this experience.’ HG

‘I approached Dinah about a specific area in my life that was causing me concern. Dinah conducted an angel card reading for me and the interpretation, information and suggestions she gave me were perceptive, accurate and extremely helpful. Dinah’s style of feedback is empathetic, constructive, insightful and loving.’                                      N

‘Dinah did a reading for me at a time when I was going through a lot of difficulty and felt rather lost. I was very frustrated with what I was (or more accurately wasn’t) doing with my life and felt I was being pulled in too many directions. We met on a wild, stormy day which perfectly reflected my internal state; I laughed, I cried and my jaw dropped as Dinah explained the significance and meaning of the cards she drew for me. The cards were perfect, and exactly described where I was at that point in life. But it was more than that; they pulled out what was really going on for me, and under Dinah’s kind, loving and deeply insightful coaching, I left that session feeling profoundly connected and safe, and even more importantly, that I was on the right path and ultimately there was a divine order within my perceived chaos. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough, no matter where you are in your life.’                                                                      ZE

‘I knew very little about Angel Card readings before the day and was curious to see what would happen. I came to the Angel Card reading seeking a solution to the sadness and hurt of unresolved family issues. Dinah used packs of large and beautiful cards. In answer to my questions she seemed to know which cards to choose to provide me with an answer. As a result I was able to see the  beginning of a solution. This is not a miracle cure and it will take time and effort on my part to progress down the path shown. However I can honestly say that Dinah is a marvellous facilitator in spiritual and emotional matters. I recommend you try it for yourself!’                                                                      JH

‘Over the past few years through my major life-changing journey, Dinah has done several Angel Card readings for me, both face to face and remotely. I found her reading extremely accurate, amazingly in tune with what was happening in my life at the time! These readings were most soothing and enlightening. Every session helped me clarify confusions and gave me a clear sense of direction, extremely useful in setting some realistic goals and managing my expectations of myself and the world around me. They helped me to cope with painful and shocking events and kept me steady as I walked along the unknown path with an unwavering positive balance attitude’                                                      FR

‘I highly recommend having your own Angel Card reading by Dinah. Dinah is incredibly gifted and can tap into the message that is waiting for us. I have experienced a few of Dinah’s reading and go so much out of it. It is amazing how many things have come to pass since receiving my messages and I am truly grateful’                                   AB